You can ask us anything about printing - really! But before you do, take a look at this list of questions. It's a collection of things that people ask us a lot, so chances are, whatever's on your mind is addressed here. If it's not, just let us know.

Q. I want my photos and graphics to look nice and clear. How do I do that?
A. Here's the number one thing that gives images that nasty blocky effect you sometimes see: the Internet. Many images on the Internet were never meant for print, so they're not formatted correctly (if your business subscribes to a professional stock photography service online, these images are fine). If you're not sure about whether or not you can use an image for print, just ask us!

Q. Can I get an estimate for my job?
A. Sure! Click here.

Q. When will my job be finished?
A. Lots of things impact your job's timeline - it's going to take more time to print 1,000 posters than ten business cards, after all. Because of that, it's hard to answer this question in a general way. However, if you're on a very tight deadline, we can help you make it happen with Fast Pass Printing.

Q. Does white count as a printing color?
A. Nope...as long as you're printing on white paper.

Q. I keep hearing about a "proof". Do I need one of these?
A. If the word "proof" is throwing you, here's another way to think of it: "last chance". Your proof is your finished job - it's exactly what's about to be printed and shown to your customers and prospects. So, if anything looks out of place on your proof, it's going to be out of place on your final product, too. By looking at your proof carefully, you can catch any mistakes - a wrong phone number, a misspelled name -- before they make it on to your full production.

Q. Am I going crazy, or are printed colors different than the colors I see on my screen?
A. You're definitely not crazy. Computer monitors display range of colors that's wider than what printers can match. For example, if a printer encounters a shade of blue that it can't exactly reproduce, it prints the closest match to that blue. It all sounds a little confusing, but don't worry - your Dedicated Project Professional at Professional Duplicating, Inc. will help you understand how to choose the best print-friendly colors for your job.

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"There's an expression in the print business that goes something like, 'Great price, high quality and fast turnaround -- pick any two.' ProDupe is truly an exception to this adage."
- Brian McCallum, VP of Marketing, Business 21
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